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My favorite 'beatiful' songs or cute songs, (note, most are from one Game Series)

5. Chainlink Charge, Super Mario 3d-world

What can I say, friends know I am a sucker for Jazz, and this one is one of my faves XP

4. Yoshi's Island- Super Smash Bros

What can I say, it is a really cute tune X//3
and the Jazz element really makes it something I can listen to X3

3. Millet Pass? (had to google translate) Ganbare Goemon 2 (SNES)

I first had the opportunity to play this game on a friends Japanese SNES years ago, and this song, I just all out love it, It's has a cute bet to it, I could see my Alien species (Tsurgdars) dance to it. There is also Mutsu Road, but I had to choose between this one or the other. the other is here (but not part of the top 5): [link]

2. Overwold- Yoshi's New Island

It is really cute, and I always go to level one just to hear it XD

1. Title screen- Legend of the Mystical Ninja

My favorite theme, the title menu for Legend of the Mystical Ninja, it is my favorite game series of all time (though it is a shame that it goes not get the recognition it deserves). the Ganbare Goemon Series has only released four. I was going to use the Tokai Dochuu version of the title screen (I own this game), but the original source would be more for this list

what you guys think? :D


The first act of Tsurgdari KS is coming to a close, next week will be the final week. and a later down the road, the next act will start

Chapter 13: The Impulse.

Morning is around again, and breakfast on this day, while it is the same porridge as always, it beats not eating at all.

As always, we stand in a line, waiting for the food. Many showing signs of weakness, while I one the other hand, while sore, ready to work more.

My time comes up, and I get my porridge and prepare to go for the table. It is then that the same child, the slave bully, he has put on a bit of weight, probably from all the scraps he is fed in the kitchens. He pushes me to the floor and takes my food.

“This payment will suffice.” He gloats.

“That's my food.” I tell him. He pretends to kick me as a threat. “It's mine now, I'm bigger than you!”

He walks away like a happy dog who will get more to eat. As I lay there, my attention is drawn away to an old piece of wood.

I grab it, and as I do, my attention becomes focused on that Slave Child's head. I can see it, me getting close to him, and forcing this piece of wood into his head. My paw trembles to the plank, and I pick it up, working to get on my feet. I hold my plank, ready to strike that kid off the chair and onto the floor. Who is going to stop me? The Ton Barbarians who bet each other on who would win if two slaves fought?

As I get closer, my eyes focus on the child's head, I raise my plank in the air, with the needle focused. I'm going to do it! I will!

I prepare to swing down, but find myself stopping and backing away. My paws shake, I was going to do it......wasn't I......

I back far away, eyes dilated a bit, I feel really bad, horrible. I was going to do it.....

The whistle is sounded and we are ordered to our tasks by Ranyo. She glares at me and shouts. “Do you want a beating?! I told you you have to get back to work!”

“No ma'am!” I tell her. I get on my feet and rush out to begin my tasks.

Chapter 14: The red dream.

I awaken after another nightmare, the same as before. Sakona holding a strange sword, I begin to remember that I told Sakona about the dream, when I was caught being tired and not working. Sakona laughed and let me go that day.

I sweat as I have that same dream, Sakona obtaining a sword that is black, and having a humongous army at his disposal. And Sakona ruling over many villages in flames.

I pant and take a breath, readjusting my body to the wrist bound on the bed, I cuddle up and close my eyes again.

I fall from the sky into a pool of water, metal tasting water, only thicker. I feel myself being drowned by it as the current drags me away. I end up laying down in Ton Village. Where Sakona is wearing his full armor encasing his body, his helmet the shape of a skull. Sakona waves his black sword, with power very intense. Sakona laughs as he destroys village after village in fire. Many of the villagers, forced to flee the futile danger. And I was chasing one down with a knife.....

I suddenly find myself in a mountain where a meteor crashes into the villages below, they collapse in a giant explosion, sending me backwards, flying into the sky. I feel myself falling hard as I crash right onto my bed.

I wake up again in a cold sweat. This same inescapable dream, it is not just the same dream, it is get more intense as I sleep. I try to sleep again, same result.

I awaken one last time to find that it is morning. Time for work again.

Chapter 15: Weeks of work.

3 weeks later

I wake up and immediately head for the gardens, where I try to get the vegetables.

I am very sleepy, the same dream of Sakona, and I been unable to sleep like I should, even since that day Kizu, the former chef was killed right in front of me. And I think it is starting to hurt my work.

Ranyo grabs me by the side and shouts. “What did I tell you about falling asleep on the job?!”

“To not do it.” I answer with a slur in my mouth. She points to a house with paper walls torn from two Barbarian children who fought each other with full swing, something encouraged by the parents.

“You are going to repair those walls if you are too tired to even try sleeping on the job.” Ranyo says. I get the paper and the adhesive paste and I head to the house.

I take out the many poles that have been broken in half and reattach them to the wall of the house, next to the entrance gate. I pay no mind and get back to repairing this house. I inspect the paper that needs to be replaced and hop to it, fixing up anything that appears to be broken.

I take the paper, and the adhesive, and get to work fixing the wall up.

I finally fix the house's wall and put up the rest of the repairing supplies and cover the adhesive. After I do it, Two barbarian children crash through the wall, wrestling and beating each other over some kind of debate, these two barbarians, are the same ones that follow Mitaka.

I look at the two, then the walls that I just fixed only to be broken again. “Guys! So fight somewhere else, I just fixed this wall!”

The two immediately glare at me, and stand on their feet. “You watch your place, Slave!”

I grumble and get back to fixing up the wall, and getting my next assignment, to clean the streets.

For what seems to be hours, I sweep the rocky pathways and continue. I get time to think to myself as I collect shards of glass I don't step on, weeds, thorns, anything that makes the road undesirable. I grow exhausted from hours of working but I keep going, even when Mitaka glares at me. Normally this is the same thing he always does, however, today, his eyes seem more blank, as if he is going to do something to me, He has been whispering to his friends as they converse.

Another hour passes and I begin to tire very easily. I accidentally bump into a barbarian, who pushes me to the floor.

“You want to cause more trouble?” Mitaka's friend asks.

I look at the two who stomp near my head, in an attempt to scare me, which works, but again, I don't know how I am supposed to show it. They spit in my face, which drives me to anger again. I prepare to grab a stone from the pathway, causing Mitaka to glare right into my heart.

I drop the rock and get back to work, trying to ignore them so I don't get in trouble.

Hours later, the red sun is up, making the night sky red, and I immediately fall asleep on the bed, before my strap even had to be tied onto my wrist.

Mitaka and his friends prepare to enter the slave quarters..... 

Tsurgdari KS: Birth of a Barbarian (Ch 13-15)
Tsurgdari race belongs to me.
The Pomegranate Child. by landonbay
The Pomegranate Child.
At the school/ day-care. They sometimes hold plays for the new year of Rosh Hashanah, this year's theme, Kabuki X3

Lanny plays the role of "The Pomegranate Child", a young son of a Pomegranate Farmer. and The Pomegranate Child has to set on a journey, to deliver a giant pomegranate from Japan to his family many countries over. But can he face his fears of strangers and make it to the land before Rosh Hashanah?

I used a cardboard paper and grain extract for a paper feel.

Lanny belongs to me.
The Town of Lida by landonbay
The Town of Lida
The town of Lida, or Lida village, is the 'capital' of the Ashi tribe of the Northern Mountain Region.
Named after Dan Uiki's fiancee, Lida. this town is considered one of the most romantic places to be, with its statues of Dan Uiki and Lida (not shown). Many shops and schools are established all over the town, as well as top notch restaurants.
In addition to many famous businesses and figures, it is also home to a Martial arts tournament for champion fighters from many villages. and home to many festivals, most notably, Lida's festival.

This one was really fun to do, I took away my knowledge of art to practice drawing in new ways, I also learned how to merge grain from paper onto the image, giving a psuedo paper look to it ^^

Tsurgdari race belongs to me.
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