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A baby at heart! by landonbay A baby at heart! :iconlandonbay:landonbay 9 1 In pain and fear. by landonbay In pain and fear. :iconlandonbay:landonbay 1 0 Comfortably Sitting. by landonbay Comfortably Sitting. :iconlandonbay:landonbay 2 0 new outfit for Lana by landonbay new outfit for Lana :iconlandonbay:landonbay 4 0
Tsurgdari KS4: Hunted (Ending)
Chapter 20: Agonizing Pain!
Probably a good two hours have passed, I have moved west of the Rakbasil ruins, limping, hurting, I cannot move my left arm or I feel tremendous pain.
The rain has gotten very heavy, and it is clear that I need to find shelter, luckily in a place like this, there are so many places to rest, and to be fair, I need it.
I tumble under a basement of what must have once been an apartment, albeit crumbling and surprisingly, the basement still intact as well as the 1st floor.
With my good hand, I pull on old tree branches of fallen trees and form a pile, and with two rocks, I manage to start a fire, to make this intense cold more, tolerable.
I rummage through my bag, and find the scorched scroll about Dan Uiki's tale, and throw it into the fire.
I sit and sulk, as the pain grows more and more unbearable, I try to lift my arm, only for a jolt of searing pain to surge as does my abdomen and chest, it aches from the amounts of
:iconlandonbay:landonbay 1 0
Limeade on the steps by landonbay Limeade on the steps :iconlandonbay:landonbay 14 0 Comparison by landonbay Comparison :iconlandonbay:landonbay 1 4 Having a ball by landonbay Having a ball :iconlandonbay:landonbay 10 0 Blah by landonbay Blah :iconlandonbay:landonbay 1 0
Mature content
Tsurgdari KS4: Hunted. (Final Fight) :iconlandonbay:landonbay 2 0
Tsurgdari KS4: hunted (17-18)
Chapter 17: A strong feeling.
It has been a whole night, and I resume walking to find the sword. I have been leaning upon the wall as I make it through.
In truth, I been bored since being in this cavern, despite the rich history that this place must hold, I pretty much exhausted my curiosity over this unwritten portion. I been traveling for something that seems too fantastic.
Was my Dad telling the truth, was he lying? Or is he fanatic over the power he claimed it possessed?
I recall when Dad mentioned the time he fought Taisho from Tsukani village, and how he tried to get the sword, that Taisho had no true chance of beating my dad, until he gripped that sword.
I make a slide downwards into a deeper part of the crevice, the section, breathtakingly tall!
Boulders as tall as me in a pile above a semi-lighted area, taking into consideration, has to be the underground of Omegbus's castle ruins, which would mean.....
I gaze to the pile of boulders, and scan
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Tsurgdari KS4: Hunted (ch.14-16)
Chapter 14: The secret cavern.
I light my lantern once I land onto the ground, the pitch black illuminated with blues, cold and a little wet to the touch. A rather odd place for a crevice.
What I do not understand, how has this place been untouched for so long? More over, I notice wooden arches and structures, could this cavern have been homemade?
I begin to traverse the cavern, in some respects, backtracking, all in the goal to see where it takes me. I would expect many different crosses and mazes, however, I stumble upon old Rak'ai symbols, I sit at a side and open a book on old Rak'ani military structure and commands. According to the book, these symbols of the bull and olive branch represent the banner the Army rallied behind. But more attention grabbing, the sign indicates that the old military used these tunnels, but for what purpose.
I follow along the tunnels, to find where they head to, for what seems to be hours. Hours of boredom, darkness, a
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Morning homeschooling. by landonbay Morning homeschooling. :iconlandonbay:landonbay 4 3 why he does not like denim. by landonbay why he does not like denim. :iconlandonbay:landonbay 3 0 Morning in the forest. by landonbay Morning in the forest. :iconlandonbay:landonbay 3 0 Carrot and the bunny. by landonbay Carrot and the bunny. :iconlandonbay:landonbay 4 0

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I got my first book in the series reworked and prepared it for ePublishing. and it is out now.

"Shiro of Tsukani Village, lives a simple life as a Huntsman and Guard for his village. A loving older brother to Taro, a young 10 year old who is a Cherry gatherer. They maintain a close bond with each other despite constant bullying towards the younger.
However,Taro is banished after being accused of treason, the bond is forcibly removed. Shiro is under house arrest, and the family is torn apart. Being the caring brother, Shiro breaks the village law and escapes, in the effort to find his little brother.
However, The Village Elder, Lord Fusho, dispatches the ruthless bounty hunter, Kashka to capture the adventuring Tsurgdari. Will Shiro be able to find his brother before Kashka finds the rebellious Shiro?"

the Ebook itself:…


A baby at heart!
Max being treated like a baby, which he loves! :D

let's be real, its precious! he's a cute one for sure ^^

Max belongs to me.
In pain and fear.
*spoilers* only if KS4 wasnt read.

After recovering the Sword of Dan Uiki, Kashka encountered Yao Huojiao, a fighter of a different cause, whom was assigned to take down Kashka whom hurt their cause a year ago. Kashka was able to get the upper hand, but not without injuries.
now Kashka hides in an old crumbling basement that stood the test of time in the ruins of Rakbasil, in severe pain from his injuries and the cold, brings Kashka to have to stay a bit immobile for awhile, before he can return home, but it is not met without pain from his encounter. But the fear he has experienced, even when he was 4, he never experienced fear like this before.

Kashka, Tsurgdari race belongs to me.
thinking of things I can do with my game project, I been working with the sprites and images for the first region of the game, now to find what else I can work on with the game.
how would you rate the development of my characters?
welp, even though it is October 10, I wont be encountering So Sorry on undertale.
1. Because my last save point is right at Sans on the Genocide route.
2. I only intend on playing it without saving.
3. Is undertale even relevant anymore? Aside from the AU's, some of which are rather interesting.



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